Weight Loss

  • Luo Han Guo Extract

    Luo Han Guo Extract

    Luo Han Guo: “the Longevity Fruit” ,Sweet and Used as Sugar Substitute and Medicinal Herb, The fruit is used only after it is dried, and can be processed into a powder that contains natural substances called mongrosides in it.Read More

  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract

    Garcinia Cambogia Extract

    Garcinia cambogia extract is the calcium salt of hydroxy citric acid (HCA), which is obtained from water extract of Garcinia cambogia fruit . It is non-toxic, tasteless, odorless powder and found to be very effective herbal alternate for controlling obesity and cholesterol by...Read More

  • Senna Leaf Extract

    Senna Leaf Extract

    Senna is a plant native to Northern Africa, and both the leaves and the seeds are used in herbal medicine. Known primarily for its purgative properties, senna works as a natural laxative and is often taken in a capsule, pill, granule or tea format. Senna tea and supplements...Read More

  • Stevia Leaf Extract

    Stevia Leaf Extract

    Stevia Leaf Extract, a modern natural sweetener extracted from stevia, is also be named as stevia sugar. Stevioside features high sweetness and low calorie and its sweetness is 200-350 times of that of cane sugar but its calorie is only 1/300 of that of cane sugar. A large...Read More

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract

    Green Coffee Bean Extract

    Green coffee beans are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. The roasting process of coffee beans reduces amounts of the chemical chlorogenic acid. Therefore, green coffee beans have a higher level of chlorogenic acid compared to regular, roasted coffee beans....Read More

  • Immature Bitter Orange Extract

    Immature Bitter Orange Extract

    Bitter orange is an herb made from the bitter orange tree. Bitter orange fruit and peel are often used in weight-loss supplements and supplements sold for a variety of health concerns.Read More

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