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Vitamin C
- Mar 23, 2018 -

Vitamin C, also called L-ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin that can treat scurvy and is acidic, so called ascorbic acid. In lemon juice, green plants and tomatoes in high content. Ascorbic acid is a single oblique crystal or needle crystal, easy to be oxidized to produce dehydrogenation bad blood acid, dehydrogenation bad blood acid still has the role of vitamin C. In alkaline solution, the lactone ring in the acid molecule is easily hydrolyzed into two ketones Goulot acid. This compound cannot be converted into an lactone structure in the animal body. The final form of oxalic acid or sulfuric acid, which is combined with sulfuric acid, is discharged from the urine. Therefore, the ketone Goulot acid no longer has the physiological activity.

1907 Norwegian chemist Holst found in lemon juice, 1934 years before the pure, is now available for artificial synthesis. Vitamin C is the most unstable kind of vitamin, because it is easy to oxidize, in food storage or cooking process, even chopped fresh vegetables when vitamin C can be destroyed. Trace amounts of copper and iron can speed up the damage. As a result, only fresh vegetables, fruits or raw dishes are a rich source of vitamin C. It is colorless crystal, melting point 190~192℃, soluble in water, water solution is acidic, chemical property more lively, hot, alkali and heavy metal ions easily decompose, so stir fry cannot use copper pot and heating too long.