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- Mar 23, 2018 -

Vitamins are a class of organic compounds necessary to maintain good health. This kind of substance in vivo is not the material which forms the body organization, also is not the energy source, but a kind of regulation matter, in the material metabolism its important role. This type of substance cannot be synthesized or synthesized in the body, so it needs to be supplied frequently, although it requires a small amount of food. [3]

Vitamin is also known as vitamins, popular speaking, that is, the maintenance of life of the substance [4], is to maintain the human life activities must be a class of organic substances, but also to maintain human health important active substances. Vitamins are rare in vivo but essential. The chemical structure and nature of vitamins vary, but they have the following similarities:

① vitamins are found in the form of vitamin original in food;

② vitamins do not constitute the body tissue and cell composition, it will not produce energy, its role is to participate in the body metabolism regulation;

③ most vitamins, the body can not be synthesized or insufficient synthesis, can not meet the needs of the body, must often be obtained through food;

④ The vitamin needs of the human body is very small, daily needs are often measured in mg or micrograms, but once the lack of the corresponding vitamin deficiency will cause damage to human health;

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