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The Origin Of All Kinds Of Vitamins
- Mar 23, 2018 -

Vitamin A, anti-dry eye vitamins, also known as beauty vitamins, lipid solubility. by Elmer McCollum and M. Davis was found between 1912 and 1914. is not a single compound, but a series of retinol derivatives (retinol is also translated vitamin A alcohol, pine sesame oil), the name of anti-dry eye vitamins in liver oil, animal liver, green vegetables, lack of vitamin A susceptible to night blindness.

Vitamin B1, thiamine, also known as anti-beriberi etiology, anti-inflammatory factors, etc., is water-soluble vitamins. Discovered by Casimir Feng in 1912 (one said 1911). In an organism, it is usually in the form of sulfur pyrophosphate. More in yeast, grains, liver, soy, meat.

Vitamin B2, riboflavin, water-soluble. by D. T Smith and E. G. Hendrick was found in 1926. Also known as Vitamin G, many exist in yeast, liver, vegetables, eggs. Lack of vitamin B2 easy to suffer from inflammation of the tongue (oral ulcer) and so on.

Vitamin PP, water-soluble. Discovered by Conrad Elvehjem in 1937. The two substances, including Nick acid (nicotinic acid) and Nick Amide (nicotinamide), belong to pyridine derivatives. Many exist in nicotinic acid, nicotine yeast, grains, liver, rice bran.

Vitamin B4 is not considered a real vitamin at this stage. Choline was found by Maurice Gobley in 1850. One of the vitamin B families, first isolated from the liver in 1849, has since been thought of as a component of phospholipids, and the 1940 Sura and Gyorgy Goldblatt, according to their respective work, show that it has vitamin characteristics. Egg, animal brain, beer yeast, malt, soy lecithin content is high.