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On The Latest Research Report Of Curcumin
- May 09, 2018 -

Curcumin (Turmeric) in recent years, the old spice clinical prove that it has the multiple functions such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, homespun values, can be said to be the real "Grosvenor LTD shuai" plant extract.

    The American society of plant, said of curcumin in 2013 and 2013 for two consecutive years to become the top sales of herbal ingredients in the United States, in the meantime, curcumin sales increased by 30%. Scientists worldwide every year a large number of curcumin studies, let below small make up to share some latest research results of curcumin.   

Promote the sports recovery   

American researchers at the university of north Texas recently reported studies of curcumin promotes sports recovery results. In the study, volunteers leg pressure after training, received 400 mg per day of Longvida curcumin. Results show that compared with the control group, experimental group volunteers of creatine kinase (CK) and inflammatory cytokines increase slow, CK, TNF alpha and IL - 8 increase speed slowed down 48%, 25% and 21% respectively.    In addition, the study found that although volunteers taking curcumin inflammation in the body increases slightly, but there is no better, muscle ache and it seems a bit inconsistent. But the researchers said muscle pain is the feeling of a kind of subjective feeling, might feel slightly different volunteers. Muscle pain may not necessarily affect muscle function, but its and muscle function, such as reducing muscle flexibility and contractility. Sometimes players cannot feel inflammation at the first time.    In addition, curcumin can also inhibit the activity of an enzyme called cyclooxygenase - 2 to relieve inflammation, an enzyme called cyclooxygenase precipitating factor - 2 is a kind of inflammation. Although before already has a large number of studies have found that an enzyme called cyclooxygenase - 2, but the study of curcumin anti inflammatory still in progress.    OmniActive health science and technology company in the study analyzed the own curcumin products on the role of arterial stiffness, it's said to be the world's first analysis of curcumin and the study of the relationship between arterial stiffness. The results showed that curcumin significantly reduced the arterial stiffness, increased ability to vasodilation (2.8%). And blood vessel expansion ability, every 1% increase the risk of heart disease will be reduced 9% to 17%.   

Is good for skin health   

Inflammation is not only can cause damage to internal organs and muscles of the body, can also affect the skin. In Italy, according to a study of curcumin can increase the effect of topical steroids. In addition, the U.S. national cancer institute said the curcumin can prevent radiation causes skin cancer. A 2013 study found that the products of curcumin can relieve inflammation of the skin breast cancer patients.    

Is good for brain health    

Contemporary scientists have done a lot of studies of curcumin and brain health, some studies have tried to prove that curcumin can reduce amyloid plaques, and prevention of amor alzheimer's disease. Studies have shown that alzheimer's intertwined to form part of the reason is that the brain proteins or into a spot, then to disrupt the neural signals, and "jam" neurons. Long-term environmental pressure will cause the brain problems. Curcumin can relieve schizophrenia and other brain diseases. Studies have shown that curcumin and antipsychotic drugs have synergy.    

The prevention of cancer    

Some studies have shown that cancer and inflammation, so scientists have done a lot of research, to analyze the effect of curcumin to prevent cancer. Some of the more important products including meaning diener Meriva curcumin extract and India arjuna natural extracts of BCM - 95 curcumin extract co., LTD. Some of the early research found that curcumin inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells, and thus prevent prostate cancer, colon cancer and endometrial cancer and other diseases.    

Antibacterial activity    

Several recent studies showed that turmeric powder and curcumin can inhibit some food bacteria proliferation, such as e. coli and staphylococcus aureus. The researchers said, the effect of curcumin and its extraction method, such as water extraction and ethanol extraction. A recent study found that the fermentation of curcuma more antibacterial ability.    Before of curcumin can be used to feed to prevent bacterial infection of livestock, or even be sprinkled on human vegetables and meat products for human consumption. Farson a new study found that curcumin and pepper can make chicken within 48 hours from the bacteria. Curcumin has been treated as antibacterial agent widely used, but in the United States and the European Union has approved use of food additives can be used as a pigment.    

Remove periodontal pathogens   

Antibacterial function of curcumin can also be done by oral, a recent study found that oral curcumin has to remove the effect of periodontal pathogens. In addition, mouthwash made of curcumin can ease oral mucositis. The current curcumin oral care market is still in the primary stage of development, but more research data can promote the development of the retail market is like in curcumin oral and dental care.bioavailability    Finally, manufacturers need to know is, in spite of curcumin market has great potential for development, but not all of the curcumin extract are equally effective. Due to the manufacturers use different materials, curcumin product type, bioavailability, absorption rate and metabolic rate also vary widely. In fact, most manufacturers claim to product effect only in a particular way of carrying and bioavailability of ideal conditions to achieve.    

Curcumin products trend 

Although many studies of curcumin, producers rarely sold separately curcumin, now is the most development potential of curcumin is food supplements market. In the field of beverage, there is an added curcumin milk, this is a kind of traditional drink in India. But as a result of texture, texture and color problem, curcumin is applied to all the drinks is not perfect.    There is a called Temple Turmericde ready-to-drink beverages, the product use and is called a mango ginger or become white ginger, white of curcumin content in ginger although not as good as other turmeric, but unique flavor, taste is light, very suitable for as a ready-to-drink beverage flavor formula.In the field of food supplements, curcumin preparations and curcumin powder market has begun to take shape, most manufacturers will combine curcumin and other nutrients. Such as little emperor g development of curcumin fish oil soft capsule, other producers have introduced some supplements products have anti-inflammatory effect.(From: Dongguan Meiherb Biotech Co.,Ltd.)