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7 Of The Best Herbs For Men’s Health
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Every man needs to take an active approach to managing his own health for the better. Good habits, like regular exercise, are vital, and avoiding bad habits (or at least minimizing them) is also imperative. One of the most powerful influences on a man’s health is his diet, and as an extension of that, there are a number of herbs that can help support concerns specific to men, namely vitality, prostate health, and sex drive. Here are seven of those herbs and the positive results they can encourage.

1. Pine Bark

Pine bark has been a natural therapy for centuries. Recent research shows pine bark can offer nutritional support to encourage prostate health.Pine bark has also been shown to support sperm quality and quantity, and encourage a desirable sexual response.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is a favorite to many and the reason is clear–it’s high in antioxidants may soothe muscles and irritated tissue. One placebo-controlled, double-blind study found that turmeric helped ease urinary difficulties in patients with prostate issues.We actually released a liquid turmeric extract not long ago and the early feedback has been incredible.

3. Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seeds offers a range of nutrients that have been positively linked to prostate health, such as zinc, potassium, and iron. Research suggests these nutrients coupled with pumpkin seeds’ antioxidant action offer incredible support for the prostate. One study reported that pumpkin seed extract encouraged normal urine flow in men with enlarged prostate. 

4. Pygeum Bark

An enlarged prostate is a common problem and finding ways to encourage a normal sized prostate are essential for normal urination. Several placebo-controlled, double-blind studies have found pygeum bark to provide certain compounds that encourage a normal-sized prostate.

5. Stinging Nettle

You may not think so, but stinging nettle has a number of health benefits, especially for the prostate and urinary tract.Stinging nettle encourages normal hormone levels and discourages the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, an androgen hormone that can be a factor in prostate enlargement.

6. Smartweed

Polygonum hydropiperoides, also known as smartweed, is high in antioxidants that defend and protect against free radicals. Antioxidants are important for encouraging prostate health and some research has found that smartweed helps to soothe tissues and potentially reduce swelling.

7. Saw Palmetto

Native Americans have used saw palmetto to support urinary and reproductive health. More recent research suggests saw palmetto may help inhibit enzymes associated with prostate enlargement.The plant may also support normal testosterone levels, one of the reasons saw palmetto is part of the Prostrex formula.

Men, your prostate is like any other part of your body. It needs regular care and maintenance and one of the best ways to encourage it to work normally is by providing good nutrition. The previous seven herbs can be a lot of help in this regard. Before taking any supplement, make sure you’re taking quality products that are organic and prepared with care. If you’re in need of a suggestion, I like Androtrex. It’s a cost-effective herbal blend that’s produced with unparalleled care and attention from seed to bottling. If you’ve tried any of these herbs and have had success, please leave a comment below and share your experience with us.(From:Dongguan Meiherb Biotech Co., Ltd)