White Willow Bark Extract

The bark of salix alkba contains salicin, which is a chemical similar to aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). In combination with the herb's powerful anti-inflammatory plant compounds (called flavonoids), salicin is thought to be responsible for the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects of the herb. White willow works slower but lasts longer than aspirin and has less side gastronomic side effects due to the large amounts of tannin that protect the stomach.

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Product Details

Product Description:

Name:White Willow Bark Extract Powder
Botanical Source:Salix alba L.
Maker Compounds:Salicin 25%,50%;4:1-20:1
Molecular Formula:C13H18O7
Molecular Weight:286.29
Test Method:HPLC
Color:Yellow- Brown
Part Used:Bark


The white willow bark extract is a bark extract of weeping willow. It belongs to the anti-pathogenic microbial plant extract. Its main pharmacological action is antipyretic analgesia and anti-inflammatory. The active ingredients are phenol glycosides and flavonoid glycosides, the most prominent of which is salicin. It has an anti-inflammatory effect after entering the human body, and has an antipyretic and analgesic effect, but has no toxic effect on the stomach.

Main Function:

(1)Salicornia japonica in white willow bark extract can be used to treat mild fever, colds, infections (influenza), acute and chronic rheumatic discomfort, headaches and pain due to inflammation;

(2) The willow powder has the ability to Strengthen the stomach and promote digestion.
(3) It has a good effect on the treatment of joint pain and / or arthritis and low back pain.


(1) Applied in cosmetics, it can inhibit whelk and relieve swelling and pain.
(2) Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is mainly used to curing fever, colds and infections.
(3) Applied in feed additive, it is mainly used as feed additive for diminishing inflammation and promoting digestion.


Some people may have stomach upset after taking salicin. People with ulcers and gastritis should also avoid it.

This extract is not intended to treat fever in children.

Certificate of Analysis:

ItemsSpecificationTest Result
Physical &Chemical Control
AppearanceBrown Yellow PowderComplies
Mesh95% pass 80meshComplies
Loss on Drying5.0%3.10%
Residue on Ignition5.0%2.62%
Heavy Metals
As 2.0ppm<2.0ppm
Microbiological Control
Total Plate Count1000cfu/g<10cfu/g
Yeast & Mold100cfu/g<10cfu/g


EMSAround 10-15 working days
DHLAround 3-5 working days
FEDEXAround 4-6 working days
TNTAround 6-8working days
By airAround 5-7working days
By seaAround 15-30working days

Package and Storage:

Package: Cardboard drum, with double plastic bags inside and one aluminum foil bag outside, 25kg / drum, or according to customers&rsquo; requirement.

Storage: Store in a cool & dry area, keep away from the direct light and heat.
Validity: Two years if properly stored.

Shelf Life: Two years under well storage situation and stored away from direct sun light.

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