Antibacterial series

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The experiment revealed that all plant extracts were potentially effective in suppressing microbial growth of food poisoning bacteria with variable potency. The antibacterial activity of extracts of plant species with good activity against Escherichia coli against five other bacteria and cytotoxicity of extracts.
Main products of antibacterial series:
1. Dandelion Root Extract: The extract of dandelion root is a powerful diuretic. Unlike many traditional diuretics, dandelion powder do not leach potassium from the body. In fact, the roots of dandelion extract are rich in minerals and can be used as a supplement to potassium.
2. Black Garlic Extract Powder: Black garlic is a food made from fresh raw garlic, fermented in a high-temperature and high-humidity fermentation tank for 60 to 90 days, allowing it to be naturally fermented. It retains the original ingredients of raw garlic and plays a huge positive role in enhancing human strength, restoring human fatigue and maintaining human health.
3. Valerian Root Extract: Valerian root extract can strengthen the inhibition process of the cerebral cortex, reduce the reflex excitability, relieve the smooth muscle spasm, so it has sedative, hypnotic, antispasmodic and analgesic effects.
  • Dandelion Root Extract

    Dandelion Root Extract

    Dandelion root extract is usually an herbal mixture which suspends oils derived from undried flowers, leaves, and roots of the dandelion plant in a liquid made of grain alcohol and glycerin. Dandelion extract has been used for generations as a medicine for conditions such as...Read More

  • Burdock Root Extract

    Burdock Root Extract

    Product Description: Product name:Burdock Root Extract Latin name:Arctium lappa L. Specification:Arctiin 10%-20%,40% Active Ingredient:Arctiin Appearance: Brown powder Plant Part Use:Root Test Mothed:HPLC Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction Size: 100% pass 80 mesh Total...Read More

  • Black Garlic Extract Powder

    Black Garlic Extract Powder

    Black Garlic is a pure natural health food adopting international leading special biological fermentation, black garilc extract powder benefits is screening high quality garlic carefully, fermenting spontaneously after 60-90 days, soft and slippery, sweet and sour...Read More

  • White Willow Bark Extract

    White Willow Bark Extract

    The bark of salix alkba contains salicin, which is a chemical similar to aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). In combination with the herb's powerful anti-inflammatory plant compounds (called flavonoids), salicin is thought to be responsible for the pain-relieving and...Read More

  • Valerian Root Extract

    Valerian Root Extract

    Valerian has often been used in complementary and alternative medicine for its sedative properties. It has been recommended for epilepsy but that has not been supported by modern research. Currently, the herb is mainly used as a remedy for insomnia. Valerian may be indicated...Read More

  • Natural Garlic Essential Oil

    Natural Garlic Essential Oil

    Garlic Oil is a special ingredient in garlic, a bright, clear, amber liquid. It is the most important substance extracted from garlic. This essential oil contains very important active sulphide, which is very helpful to the health of the blood vessels in the heart.Read More

  • Corn Silk Extract Powder

    Corn Silk Extract Powder

    Corn Silk Extract can be used in conditions of high uric acid such as gout and some types of arthritis. Ithelps to reduce conditions of painful swelling. It is used for a wide range of genito-urinary complaints, but it is often combined with herbs that have more antiseptic...Read More

  • Artemisia Annua Extract

    Artemisia Annua Extract

    controls the symptoms of vivax malaria and malaria, the antimicrobial function, the anti-influenza virus effect, the anti-parasitic and leptospirosis effects. MeiHe , adhering to the "integrity, natural, reliable and innovative" pursuit, is committed to research, innovation,...Read More

  • Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract

    Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract

    Polygonum Cuspidatum extract is antibacterial, antithrombotic, antiinflammatory and antianaphylaxis,can prevent cancer, especially breast cancer, antioxidate, delay aging, prevent osteoporosis, and dementia in the elderly, lower cholesterin and the blood viscosity, reduce the...Read More

  • Sage Leaf Extract

    Sage Leaf Extract

    Sage leaf extract is a good companion for women for the effect of beauty, eliminating fat. MeiHe is committed to the research and production, strict quality management system,advanced equipment and experienced team to ensure the authenticity and quality of natural raw...Read More

  • White Garlic Extract Powder

    White Garlic Extract Powder

    Garlic powder has been used as both condiment and health products in many culture for thousands of years which has been found to have antibacterial,antiviral and antifungal activity which with under 6% the amount of moisture,lower SO2,microbial detection approved,without...Read More